About Us

Vanshaw Academy was formed in 2022 by Stephanie Henshaw. Stephanie has been in the Irish Dance community for over 15 years and brings an enthusiasm for sharing Irish Heritage and culture in a new modern era. Offering Irish Dance Classes in SW and SE Calgary we are the only Open Platform Irish Dance school in Calgary offering students to opportunity to compete in a fun and flexible format.

Vanshaw offers classes both recreationally and competitively. Students have the option to compete in digital competitions as well as live competitions in the USA, UK, and all over the world. Students who choose not to compete can experience progression and advancement through a focus on personal goals for progression through class levels to improve technique and learn new dances with increasing difficulty as they advance through their dance careers. Dancers will continuously be challenged throughout their time with Vanshaw Academy to provide every opportunity for advancement and to help each dancer reach their personal goals and potential.

Dancers work throughout the year on traditional solo and Ceili (group) dances as well as work on modern performance pieces for our annual showcase each year.

Vanshaw Academy strives to be a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals regardless of age, abilities, and goals where all students and families can expect to form lifelong bonds and friendships within our dance community.

W.I.D.A Member
The Vanshaw Academy of Irish Dance is a registered member of the World Irish Dance Association.

The main purpose of WIDA is to promote Irish dancing around the world, while striving to ensure the best possible experience for each individual on their level of involvement in Irish dance. This is encouraged through an open and friendly culture, which is always present at WIDA events, despite the competitive nature of modern Irish dance.

Stephanie has achieved TCRG Level 3 of the World Irish Dance Association Teaching Exams.

Mission Statement:

Vanshaw Academy of Irish Dance aims to provide first class instruction in a safe, inspirational, and positive environment where dancers can be challenged to explore their own personal goals to success and unleash their full potential along their journey in Irish Dance.